The Team Behind Fonda

A technology startup powered by passionate people.

 Led by a team of founders and startup veterans, Fonda has seen explosive growth and expansion in the past year. Our mission is to empower mom-and-pop restaurants with the same online commerce abilities as the world's largest restaurant chains.

Founder / CEO

Seasoned entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience supporting small business growth. Prior to Fonda, scaled an on-demand delivery service to 20k+ users. Skilled in business administration, strategic planning, leadership, and vision.


With 5 years of experience building and managing e-commerce businesses, Awais is a proactive and innovative team leader with a proven ability to effectively manage teams in a multicultural environment to achieve operational excellence.


Accomplished IT professional with over 17 years of experience in the complete development and implementation lifecycle, including SOA, mobile enterprise apps, Oracle, J2EE, integration platforms, and project management.

VP of Sales & Ops

Experienced business leader boasting over 10 years of sales expertise, with a proven success record at esteemed companies such as Alorica, Allied Global, and KM2 Solutions. Skilled in establishing teams and sales infrastructure.

Our Story

"I set out to build a solution that can help my mom to manage her online business"
~ Daniel Hernandez, Founder & CEO of Fonda.

From an early age, Daniel brought entrepreneurial creativity to everything that surrounded him. From selling candy to his middle school classmates, or being the marketing force behind several successful restaurants while still in high school, he was always one step ahead of his peers and bosses.

Daniel’s mind was constantly figuring out better solutions to people’s needs, and this often meant that he didn’t fit the general “employee” mold.

When his ambition outgrew all his previous restaurant jobs, Daniel saw a business opportunity in the market by starting his own courier service for the local university students and quickly grew the business to serve over 20k clients, but then Daniel did the unexpected and pivoted to support Latino & minority owned restaurants.

"I discovered that my mom an award winning chef was struggling with all the technology and multiple online services needed to sell food online, so I set out to build a solution that can help my mom manage her online business, and then I discovered that my mom was one of many latino restaurant owners struggling with the same problem"

Fonda is an all in one virtual partner to help restaurants with the complexities of managing and growing their online business. Fonda offers real consolidation of third party ordering channels, online business optimization, and revenue processing under one solution. One of the many benefits of Fonda is turning the online hassle into a single point of interaction for restaurant staff.

Fonda supports over 100+ clients across California and is rapidly expanding nationwide.

For an all-in-one "Virtual Partner", call us at 1-888-305-4087